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Built with Astro

Members of the Astro community have been successfully integrating several third-party tools and services into their Astro websites!

Here are some production sites, repositories, blog posts and videos from the community demonstrating how you can connect Astro with a variety of popular CMS, eCommerce, Authentication/Authorization, Search and Comment technologies.

Production Sites

Replicant Band - Astro / Hygraph / Snipcart / Tailwind

Design Buddy - Astro / Tailwind / React / Cloudinary

Spread Bagelry - Astro / Vue / Tailwind / Strapi CMS / Cloudinary

My Workshops Live - Astro / Svelte / Firebase / Vonage / Web Speech API / reveal.js

meizuflux - Astro / Hygraph

Sarah Rainsberger - Astro / GitHub Giscus (Comments)

Astro Docs - Our own docs use Algolia search in Astro!

Elian Codes - Astro / Vercel / UnoCSS

Blog Posts / Videos

NavillusBlog - Post: Astro + Snipcart repository and demo site

Cassidy Williams - Post: Building Shopify Stores with Astro and the Storefront API

Learn With Jason - Video: Building a custom cart in Astro with Shopify Storefront API

Front End Horse - Video: Building with Astro & Prismic

Chris Bongers - Post: Adding Typesense Search to an Astro Website

The Net Ninja - Video: Figma and Astro Static Site Build

Repositories / Starter Templates

You can start a new astro project based on an existing github repostory by passing a --template argument to the create astro command.

Terminal window
npm create astro@latest -- --template <github-username>/<github-repo>

delucis/astro-netlify-cms - Astro Starter Template with Netlify CMS

PhilDL/astro-starter-ghost - A starter template for a static blog using Ghost CMS and Astro

p13rnd/centauri - Astro template: Tailwind, Svelte and authentication with Supabase

datocms/datocms-astro-blog-demo - DatoCMS blog starter