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Deploy your Astro Site to GitLab Pages

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You can use GitLab Pages to host an Astro site for your GitLab projects, groups, or user account.

  1. Set the correct site in astro.config.mjs.

  2. Rename the public/ directory to static.

  3. Set outDir:public in astro.config.mjs. This setting instructs Astro to put the static build output in a folder called public, which is the folder required by GitLab Pages for exposed files.

    If you were using the public/ directory as a source of static files in your Astro project, rename it and use that new folder name in astro.config.mjs for the value of publicDir.

    For example, here are the correct astro.config.mjs settings when the public/ directory is renamed to static/:

    import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';
    export default defineConfig({
    site: 'https://<user>.gitlab.io',
    base: '/<project-name>',
    outDir: 'public',
    publicDir: 'static',
  4. Create a file called .gitlab-ci.yml in the root of your project with the content below. This will build and deploy your site whenever you make changes to your content:

    # The Docker image that will be used to build your app
    image: node:lts
    - npm ci
    # Specify the steps involved to build your app here
    - npm run build
    # The folder that contains the built files to be published.
    # This must be called "public".
    - public
    # Trigger a new build and deploy only when there is a push to the
    # branch(es) below
    - main

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