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Deploy your Astro Site to Fly.io

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You can deploy your Astro project to Fly.io, a platform for running full stack apps and databases close to your users.

Your Astro project can be deployed to Fly.io as a static site, or as a server-side rendered site (SSR).

Your Astro project is a static site by default. You don’t need any extra configuration to deploy a static Astro site to Fly.io.

To enable on-demand rendering in your Astro project and deploy on Fly.io, add the Node.js adapter.

  1. Sign up for Fly.io if you haven’t already.

  2. Install flyctl, your Fly.io app command center.

  3. Run the following command in your terminal.

    Terminal window
    fly launch

    flyctl will automatically detect Astro, configure the correct settings, build your image, and deploy it to the Fly.io platform.

Generating your Astro Dockerfile

Section titled Generating your Astro Dockerfile

If you don’t already have a Dockerfile, fly launch will generate one for you, as well as prepare a fly.toml file. For server or hybrid projects, this Dockerfile will include the appropriate start command and environment variables.

You can instead create your own Dockerfile using Dockerfile generator and then run using the command npx dockerfile for Node applications or bunx dockerfile for Bun applications.

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