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This Astro integration adds Alpine.js to your project so that you can use Alpine.js anywhere on your page.


Quick Install

The astro add command-line tool automates the installation for you. Run one of the following commands in a new terminal window. (If you aren’t sure which package manager you’re using, run the first command.) Then, follow the prompts, and type “y” in the terminal (meaning “yes”) for each one.

Terminal window
# Using NPM
npx astro add alpinejs
# Using Yarn
yarn astro add alpinejs
# Using PNPM
pnpm astro add alpinejs

If you run into any issues, feel free to report them to us on GitHub and try the manual installation steps below.

Manual Install

First, install the @astrojs/alpinejs package using your package manager. If you’re using npm or aren’t sure, run this in the terminal:

Terminal window
npm install @astrojs/alpinejs

Most package managers will install associated peer dependencies as well. However, if you see a “Cannot find package ‘alpinejs’” (or similar) warning when you start up Astro, you’ll need to manually install Alpine.js yourself:

Terminal window
npm install alpinejs @types/alpinejs

Then, apply this integration to your astro.config.* file using the integrations property:

import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';
import alpine from '@astrojs/alpinejs';
export default defineConfig({
// ...
integrations: [alpine()],
// ^^^^^^^^


Once the integration is installed, you can use Alpine.js directives and syntax inside any Astro component. The Alpine.js script is automatically added and enabled on every page of your website.

Check our Astro Integration Documentation for more on integrations.


The Alpine.js integration does not give you control over how the script is loaded or initialized. If you require this control, consider installing and using Alpine.js manually. Astro supports all officially documented Alpine.js manual setup instructions, using <script> tags inside of an Astro component.

It is not currently possible to extend Alpine.js when using this component. If you need this feature, consider following the manual Alpine.js setup instead using an Astro script tag:

<!-- Example: Load AlpineJS on a single page. -->
import Alpine from 'alpinejs';
// Optional: Extend Alpine.js
// Alpine.directive('foo', ...)
window.Alpine = Alpine;


The Alpine.js integration does not support any custom configuration at this time.



For help, check out the #support channel on Discord. Our friendly Support Squad members are here to help!

You can also check our Astro Integration Documentation for more on integrations.


This package is maintained by Astro’s Core team. You’re welcome to submit an issue or PR!


See CHANGELOG.md for a history of changes to this integration.


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