1 • Create and deploy your first Astro site

Check in: Unit 1 ⁠-⁠ Setup

Now that you know what you’re going to build, let’s set up all the tools you’ll need!

This unit shows you how to set up your development environment and deploy to Netlify. Skip ahead to Unit 2 if you are already comfortable with your environment and workflow.

In this unit, you will create a new project that is stored online in GitHub and connected to Netlify.

As you write code, you will periodically commit your changes to GitHub. Netlify will use the files in your GitHub repository to build your website, and then publish it on the internet at a unique address where anyone can view it.

Every time you commit a change to GitHub, a notification will be sent to Netlify. Then, Netlify will automatically rebuild and republish your live site to reflect those changes.