Contribute to the Docs

We welcome contributions of any size and contributors of any skill level. As an open-source project, we believe in giving back to our contributors. We are happy to help with guidance on PRs, technical writing, and turning any feature idea into a reality.

There are lots of ways to contribute to the Astro Docs website!

The Astro Docs website is … an Astro website! Maintaining it requires not only written content but also maintaining Astro code and addressing a11y, CSS, UI, and UX concerns. We also make our documentation available in several languages, so we need help translating the entire site.

You can also make a huge contribution by getting involved by leaving review comments on PRs, adding ideas in existing GitHub Issues and Discussions, and participating in our “Pinned” issue maintenance tasks!

Every PR, especially translation PRs, needs reviewers! Reviewing PRs and leaving comments, suggestions, or an approving “LGTM!” (“Looks Good To Me!”) is a great way to get started on Team Docs, and to learn more about Astro.

We have several guides with information on how to get started contributing to Astro Docs!

Want to contribute to the Astro codebase? Check out the Astro contributing guide.

These are guides for roles within the Astro community.

These docs are brought to you by all these helpful people. Join us on GitHub!