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Deploy your Astro Site with Buddy

You can deploy your Astro project using Buddy, a CI/CD solution that can build your site and push it to many different deploy targets including FTP servers and cloud hosting providers.

  1. Create a Buddy account.

  2. Create a new project and connect it with a git repository (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, any private Git Repository or you can use Buddy Git Hosting).

  3. Add a new pipeline.

  4. In the newly created pipeline add a Node.js action.

  5. In this action add:

    Terminal window
    npm install
    npm run build
  6. Add a deployment action — there are many to choose from, you can browse them in Buddy’s actions catalog. Although their settings can differ, remember to set the Source path to dist.

  7. Press the Run button.

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