Getting Started

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Have an older project? Follow the migration guide to upgrade to v1.0 beta!

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get started with Astro either in your browser, or on your machine!

Visit for the easiest way to “try before you buy.” Choose from a variety of starter templates and start building a full, working version of Astro right in your browser!

Or, instantly launch our basic starter project with just one click of a button:

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Ready to install?

Get a new project up and running locally in no time with our easy create-astro CLI wizard!

# create a new project with npm
npm create astro@latest

# or yarn
yarn create astro

# or pnpm
pnpm create astro@latest

⚙️ Our Installation Guide has full, step-by-step instructions for installing Astro with your favourite package manager.

⚙️ See instructions for manual setup instead.

Jump right in and add some content and features to your site!

🏗️ Add new Astro (.astro) pages and/or Markdown (.md) pages to your site.

🏗️ Create your first Layout.

🏗️ Add additional CSS and styling to your site.

… check out even more under Features

See examples of some of the key concepts and patterns of an Astro site!

📚 Read more about Astro’s project structure.

📚 Learn about Astro’s template directives.

📚 Explore Astro’s runtime API.

… find more material under Reference

🧰 Start your next project with a prebuilt theme

🧰 Customize your site with official and community plugins and components.

🧰 Get inspired by visiting our site showcase.

… see our guide to using integrations

Join us in the Astro Discord to share with and get help from an active, friendly community!

💬 Say hi in our #introduce-yourself channel!

💬 Ask our Support Squad a question in our #support-threads channel!

💬 Share what you’ve been working on in our #showcase channel!

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