Editor Setup

Customize your code editor to improve the Astro developer experience and unlock new features.

VS Code is a popular code editor for web developers, built by Microsoft. The VS Code engine also powers popular in-browser code editors like GitHub Codespaces and Gitpod.

Astro works with any code editor. However, VS Code is our recommended editor for Astro projects. We maintain an official Astro VS Code Extension that unlocks several key features and developer experience improvements for Astro projects.

  • Syntax highlighting for .astro files.
  • TypeScript type information for .astro files.
  • VS Code Intellisense for code completion, hints and more.

To get started, install the Astro VS Code Extension today.

⚙️ See how to set up TypeScript in your Astro project.

Our amazing community maintains several extensions for other popular editors, including:

In addition to local editors, Astro also runs well on in-browser hosted editors, including:

  • StackBlitz and CodeSandbox - online editors that run in your browser, with built-in syntax highlighting support for .astro files. No installation or configuration required!
  • GitHub.dev - allows you to install the Astro VS Code extension as a web extension, which gives you access to only some of the full extension features. Currently, only syntax highlighting is supported.
  • Gitpod - a full dev environment in the cloud that can install the official Astro VS Code Extension from Open VSX.