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Deploy your Astro Site with Cleavr

You can deploy your Astro project to your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) using Cleavr, a server and app deployment management tool.

To get started, you will need:

  • A Cleavr account
  • A server on your VPS provider using Cleavr
  1. In Cleavr, navigate to the server you want to add your Astro project to.

  2. Select Add Site and fill in the details for your application, such as domain name.

  3. For App Type, select ‘NodeJS Static’ or ‘NodeJS SSR’ according to how you are setting up your Astro app.

  4. For Static apps, set Artifact Folder to dist.

  5. For SSR apps:

    • Set Entry Point to entry.mjs.
    • Set Artifact Folder to dist/server.
  6. Select Add to add the site to your server.

  1. Once your new site is added, click Setup and deploy.

  2. Select the VC Profile, Repo, and Branch for your Astro Project.

  3. Make any additional configurations necessary for your project.

  4. Click on the Deployments tab and then click on Deploy.

Congratulations, you’ve just deployed your Astro app!

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