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Deploy your Astro Site to Google’s Firebase Hosting

Firebase Hosting is a service provided by Google’s Firebase app development platform, which can be used to deploy an Astro site.

See our separate guide for adding Firebase backend services such as databases, authentication, and storage.

Your Astro project can be deployed to Firebase as a static site, or as a server-side rendered site (SSR).

Your Astro project is a static site by default. You don’t need any extra configuration to deploy a static Astro site to Firebase.

To enable SSR in your Astro project and deploy on Firebase add the Node.js adapter.

  1. Install the Firebase CLI. This is a command-line tool that allows you to interact with Firebase from the terminal.

    Terminal window
    npm install firebase-tools
  2. Authenticate the Firebase CLI with your Google account. This will open a browser window where you can log in to your Google account.

    Terminal window
    npx firebase login
  3. Enable experimental web frameworks support. This is an experimental feature that allows the Firebase CLI to detect and configure your deployment settings for Astro.

    Terminal window
    npx firebase experiments:enable webframeworks
  4. Initialize Firebase Hosting in your project. This will create a firebase.json and .firebaserc file in your project root.

    Terminal window
    npx firebase init hosting
  5. Deploy your site to Firebase Hosting. This will build your Astro site and deploy it to Firebase.

    Terminal window
    npx firebase deploy --only hosting

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