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Deploy your Astro Site to Edgio

You can deploy your Astro project to Edgio, an edge and CDN platform to deploy, protect and accelerate websites and APIs.

  1. Install the Edgio CLI globally from the Terminal, if you haven’t already.

    Terminal window
    npm install -g @edgio/cli
  2. Add Edgio to your Astro site

    Terminal window
    edgio init
  3. (Optional) Enable Server Side Rendering

    After you’ve set up @astrojs/node with Astro, specify the server file path in edgio.config.js as below:

    import { join } from 'path'
    module.exports = {
    astro: {
    // The path of the standalone server that runs Astro SSR.
    // The dependencies for this file are automatically bundled.
    appPath: join(process.cwd(), 'dist', 'server', 'entry.mjs'),
  4. Deploy to Edgio

    Terminal window
    edgio deploy

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