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Community Educational Content

There is so much more out there that can help you learn and build with Astro! Here is some educational content produced and maintained by the Astro community.

All links are external, and may be based on earlier versions of Astro. Be sure to check the date on any community content, and adapt to your project accordingly.

For more Astro educational content, check out the Astro Blog or sign up for the official Astro newsletter where we recap the best community content of each month.

Courses and tutorials are focused on teaching you new concepts, often with exercises or sample projects to build. These are a great way to learn new concepts and give you the tools you need for working on your own Astro project.

Check out the following courses and tutorials to learn more about Astro.

See guided examples of adding features to your Astro project.

Astro’s official recipes are short, focused how-to guides that walk a reader through completing a working example of a specific task. Recipes are a great way to add new features or behavior to your Astro project by following step-by-step instructions!

Internationalization and Localization

Section titled Internationalization and Localization

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