Deploy your Astro Site to Heroku

Heroku is a platform-as-a-service for building, running, and managing modern apps in the cloud. You can deploy an Astro site to Heroku using this guide.

  1. Install the Heroku CLI.

  2. Create a Heroku account by signing up.

  3. Run heroku login and fill in your Heroku credentials:

    Terminal window
    $ heroku login


  4. Create a file called static.json in the root of your project with the below content:


      "root": "./dist"


    This is the configuration of your site; read more at heroku-buildpack-static.

  5. Set up your Heroku git remote:

    Terminal window
    # version change
    $ git init
    $ git add .
    $ git commit -m "My site ready for deployment."
    # creates a new app with a specified name
    $ heroku apps:create example
    # set buildpack for static sites
    $ heroku buildpacks:set


  6. Deploy your site:

    Terminal window
    # publish site
    $ git push heroku master
    # opens a browser to view the Dashboard version of Heroku CI
    $ heroku open


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