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Deploy your Astro Site to AWS with Flightcontrol

You can deploy an Astro site using Flightcontrol, which provides fully-automated deployments to your AWS account.

Supports both static and SSR Astro sites.

  1. Create a Flightcontrol account at
  2. Go to
  3. Connect your GitHub account and select your repo
  4. Select your desired “Config Type”:
    • GUI (all config managed through flightcontrol dashboard) where you will select the Astro Static or Astro SSR preset
    • flightcontrol.json (“infrastructure as code” option where all config is in your repo) where you will select an Astro example config, then add it to your codebase as flightcontrol.json
  5. Adjust any configuration as needed
  6. Click “Create Project” and complete any required steps (like linking your AWS account).

To deploy with SSR support, make sure you first set up the @astrojs/node adapter. Then, follow the steps above, choosing the appropriate configurations for Astro SSR.

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