3 • Build and design with Astro UI components

Check in: Unit 3 ⁠-⁠ Components

Now that you have .astro and .md files generating entire pages on your website, let’s make and reuse smaller bits of HTML with Astro components!

You can find the code at this point in the tutorial on GitHub or StackBlitz.

Check your code against this example, or if you've just joined us, fork on StackBlitz to start coding along in your browser from here.

In this unit, you’ll learn how to create Astro components to reuse code for common elements across your website.

You’ll build:

  • A Navigation component that presents a menu of links to your pages
  • A Footer component to include at the bottom of each page
  • A Social Media component, used in the Footer, that links to profile pages
  • An interactive Hamburger component to toggle the Navigation on mobile

Along the way, you’ll use CSS and JavaScript to build a responsive design that reacts to screen sizes and user input.