1 • Create and deploy your first Astro site

Prepare your dev environment

Get ready to…

  • Install any tools that you will use to build your Astro website

You will use a command line (terminal) to create your Astro project and to run key commands to build, develop, and test your site.

You can access the command line through a local terminal program for your operating system. Common applications include Terminal (MacOS/Linux), Command Prompt (Windows), and Termux (Android). One of these will probably already be on your machine.

For Astro to run on your system, you will also need to have Node.js installed, version v18.14.1 or later.

To check to see whether you already have a compatible version installed, run the following command in your terminal:

Terminal window
node -v
// Example output

If the command returns a version number higher than v18.14.1, you’re good to go!

If the command returns an error message like Command 'node' not found, or a version number lower than v18.14.1, then you need to install a compatible Node.js version.

Additionally, you will need to download and install a code editor to write your code.

  1. Download and install VS Code or another code editor of your choice.

Which of the following is…

  1. A code editor, for making changes to your files and their content?

  2. An online version control provider for your repository?

  3. An application for running commands?

  • FreeCodeCamp.org external — a free educational site with full courses or quick refreshers in HTML, CSS, JS, and more.