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Deploy your Astro Site to Zeabur

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Zeabur offers hosting for full-stack web applications. Astro sites can be hosted as both SSR or static output.

This guide includes instructions for deploying to Zeabur through the website UI.

Astro outputs a static site by default. There is no need for any extra configuration to deploy a static Astro site to Zeabur.

To enable SSR in your Astro project and deploy on Zeabur:

  1. Install the @zeabur/astro-adapter adapter to your project’s dependencies using your preferred package manager. If you’re using npm or aren’t sure, run this in the terminal:

    Terminal window
    npm install @zeabur/astro-adapter
  2. Add two new lines to your astro.config.mjs project configuration file.

    import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';
    import zeabur from '@zeabur/astro-adapter/serverless';
    export default defineConfig({
    output: 'server',
    adapter: zeabur(),

You can deploy your Astro site to Zeabur if the project is stored in GitHub.

  1. Click Create new project in the Zeabur dashboard.

  2. Configure GitHub installation and import the repository.

  3. Zeabur will automatically detect that your project is an Astro project and will build it using the astro build command.

  4. Once the build is complete, you can bind a domain to your site and visit it.

After your project has been imported and deployed, all subsequent pushes to branches will generate new builds.

Learn more about Zeabur’s Deployment Guide.

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