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Style rendered Markdown with Tailwind Typography

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You can use Tailwind’s Typography plugin to style rendered Markdown from sources such as Astro’s content collections.

This recipe will teach you how to create a reusable Astro component to style your Markdown content using Tailwind’s utility classes.

An Astro project that:

Setting Up @tailwindcss/typography

Section titled Setting Up @tailwindcss/typography

First, install @tailwindcss/typography using your preferred package manager.

Terminal window
npm install -D @tailwindcss/typography

Then, add the package as a plugin in your Tailwind configuration file.

/** @type {import('tailwindcss').Config} */
export default {
theme: {
// ...
plugins: [
// ...
  1. Create a <Prose /> component to provide a wrapping <div> with a <slot /> for your rendered Markdown. Add the style class prose alongside any desired Tailwind element modifiers in the parent element.

    class="prose dark:prose-invert
    prose-h1:font-bold prose-h1:text-xl
    prose-a:text-blue-600 prose-p:text-justify prose-img:rounded-xl
    <slot />
  2. Query your collection entry on the page you want to render your Markdown. Pass the <Content /> component from await entry.render() to <Prose /> as a child to wrap your Markdown content in Tailwind styles.

    import Prose from '../components/Prose.astro';
    import Layout from '../layouts/Layout.astro';
    import { getEntry } from 'astro:content';
    const entry = await getEntry('collection', 'entry');
    const { Content } = await entry.render();
    <Content />
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