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Deploy your site to the web

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  • Add your GitHub repository as a new Netlify app
  • Deploy your Astro site to the web

Here, you will connect your GitHub repository to Netlify. Netlify will use that project to build and deploy your site live on the web every time you commit a change to your code.

  1. Create a free account at Netlify if you do not already have one.

    Make a note of your username. You will view your dashboard and any sites you create at https://app.netlify.com/teams/username

  2. Click Add new site > Import an existing project.

    You will be asked to connect to a Git provider. Choose GitHub and follow the steps onscreen to authenticate your GitHub account. Then, choose your Astro project’s GitHub repository from the list provided.

  3. At the final step, Netlify will show you your app’s site settings. The defaults should be correct for your Astro project, so you can scroll down and click Deploy site.

Congratulations, you have an Astro website!

On your site’s overview page in Netlify, you will see your randomly-generated project name, and your website URL of the form https://project-name-123456.netlify.app. You can change your project name to something more memorable, and this will automatically update your URL.

Click on the URL in your site settings, or type it into a browser window to view your new website.

You want to update the home page of your existing website. What steps do you take?

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